Packing and Moving Tips: Securing Your Possessions in MI-BOX Portable Containers

MI-BOX portable storage containers can be loaded front-to-back, floor-to-sealing.  But how do you secure your items if your container is not fully loaded?

Shrink-Wrap for Packing and Moving

One “secret weapon” that professional movers use is shrink-wrap.  Group items closely together and then wrap shrink-wrap around them several times so that if...Read More »

Compare MI-BOX and PODS® portable storage containers in these two case studies.

The Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex was hit hard by hail storms during the month of August 2012, and we’d like to share two case studies from those storms.

Case Study #1: PODS® plastic roof vs. hail storm

As you may know, we had a number of strong tornadoes hit the DFW...Read More »

Commercial Customers Needing a Mobile Storage Container

MI-BOX truck leaving the warehouse, on its way to deliver a portable storage container

Getting Your Mobile Storage Container to Your Customer When Emergencies Happen

One thing we have learned serving commercial customers at MI-BOX is that quality service from your mobile storage container vendor on your schedule matters. Business is built by keeping commitments with customers and being there when they need you.  If you...Read More »

Portable Storage Container - Design

Look “Underneath the Hood” of Your Portable Storage Container and Compare

Most people who need to move or store their goods give no thought to the quality of their portable storage container, shopping on price alone.  Price is important, and the Dallas MI-BOX dealership will always match our major competitors with...Read More »

Portable Storage Containers - Construction

Safety of Your Possessions Depends on the Construction of Your Portable Storage Containers

How portable storage containers are constructed can make all the difference in the world to your valuable possessions stored inside. It’s easy to look at a portable storage container and conclude that it’s just a box to put...Read More »

Dallas MI-BOX Mobile Storage Containers - Safety of Your Possessions

MI-BOX portable storage containers at our secure warehouse

What Do You Need to Consider in Order to Protect Your Possessions in Mobile Storage Containers?

Have you given much thought to the safety of your goods in Dallas MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage containers when in storage?  It is something we get a lot of questions on so...Read More »

Mobile Storage Container or Self-Storage?

How Do You Know Whether a Mobile Storage Container or a Self-Storage Unit is the Right Fit for Your Needs?

I often am asked if a Mobile Storage Container makes sense for someone or if they should use a mini-warehouse self-storage facility. That is a great question, and there are times...Read More »

Portable Storage Container - Growing Dallas Businesses

Growing or Remodeling Your Business?  A Dallas MI-BOX Portable Storage Container Can Help!

Here at MI-BOX, we are getting rolling in the new year providing portable storage containers to our Dallas – Ft. Worth customers.  We hope that your business is growing as well.  Here is one of the business...Read More »

Dallas MI-BOX Portable Storage Containers and Post-Holiday Organization

After the Holidays with a Dallas MI-BOX Portable Storage Container

Everyone loves to get a present, but we often end up getting a lot of them and needing a place to store them when they pile up.  Sometimes it’s better to be disciplined and force yourself to do a little cleaning...Read More »

Portable Storage Containers Uses - Moving

MI-BOX Portable Storage Containers Are the Easy Way to Move

MI-BOX portable storage containers take the stress out of moving by adding time to your moving process so that you can move on your own schedule, not on the schedule of your moving company or...Read More »

Portable Storage Containers - Popularity

Why are Portable Storage Containers Growing in Popularity?

Portable storage containers have been growing in popularity for many years since PODS® first took the concept to the residential market. Today there are container delivery systems with capabilities far beyond the initial systems and new containers with many enhancements to durability, appearance,...Read More »

Mobile Storage Containers Dallas Uses - Remodeling

Remodeling with MI-BOX Mobile Storage Containers Dallas

Mobile storage containers are used all around the Dallas Fort Worth area by people with different needs. In this article we will describe some of the benefits of using a mobile storage container in a remodeling job. Remodeling has several key elements that make mobile...Read More »

Mobile Storage Containers in Dallas - Ft. Worth: a Comparison

Comparing Mobile Storage Containers in Dallas – Ft. Worth

At the MI-BOX dealership in Dallas, Texas, we support businesses and individuals looking for mobile storage containers in the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex.  Often, when looking for the best provider of mobile storage containers in the DFW metroplex, the customer comes...Read More »

Mobile Storage Container Uses - Garage Remodeling

Simplify Garage Remodeling with a Mobile Storage Container

A mobile storage container can help you run a garage remodeling project smoothly and efficiently. Many people today are doing high-end garage remodels, turning formerly drab and unorganized spaces into show-places for high-end automobiles and even extended living spaces (think “man cave”).  This project...Read More »

Portable Storage Uses - Home Staging

Help Stage Your Home to Sell with Portable Storage

There are more uses for a portable storage container than many people realize. People think that a portable storage container is useful when moving, but they often do not consider its use in a number of other projects. Because it adds space on a...Read More »