A Growing Market

Mobile storage is a business that solves a lot of problems for people that fixed storage (e.g., mini-warehouses) do not. It is a fast-growing service business with a high-enough barrier to entry that not just anyone with a piece of land or an unused warehouse can enter the business. Look at the area around your home or business. Are there a lot of “mini-warehouse” businesses nearby? In most big cities there are many tens of thousands of storage units, and they are in heavy use. Drive around and look at your area. How many of those people do you think would like to have their storage brought to them? How many would like to pack and unpack only once? Well, if they are in a mini-warehouse, they’ve got to do it twice. Every major city in the USA has many self-storage facilities and usually a PODS® dealer or more as well (there are four large PODS® dealers around the DFW metroplex, for example). Right now customers need choice and PODS® needs strong competition. That’s where MI-BOX comes in. Portable storage containers, brought to your customer’s site, may be the right opportunity for you if you are looking for a business with strong existing demand and an easy-to-understand and explain value proposition for your customers — one that will not be outsourced or off-shored but must be delivered locally. People will always need local storage to handle life’s changes and opportunities, whether planned or not.


Mobile storage is not a complicated business, but the choices you make when you start including your delivery system, portable storage containers, and your business structure (franchise, go-it-alone, or something in the middle), will make the difference for you between true success and something less. MI-BOX has a proven system that has been used by MI-BOX dealers across the country to build a business that grows in value as they work it, growing their mobile storage container inventory and market presence. MI-BOX provides all you need to enter and operate a mobile storage business built with a proven, high-quality, very long-life assets that continue to produce income for many years after your investment in your MI-BOX inventory. As a MI-BOX dealer, you get….
  • A national brand growing across the USA and Canada
  • A complete inventory tracking and management operations system including custom software kept up to date
  • Pre-developed advertising pieces from print to radio to TV.  This includes T-shirts, polo shirts, business cards, stationery, yard signs, referral programs, etc.
  • The best built mobile storage container in the industry
  • The most robust, precise, and efficient lift system in the industry
  • A complete operations manual developed over many years and many dealers
  • A national website that hosts your dealer as well.  You modify your site to reflect your own marketing programs, prices, etc.
  • Operational training from both national and state level staff.  You will not be alone.
  • Ongoing support for your dealership
  • A continuing product evolution and improvements designed by people who run MI-BOX dealerships, not just people who can build a box.
  • Customer lease agreement for your modification to local market and regulations.
  • National phone number (866-MIBOX99)  to drive calls into your local dealership.

Where is MI-BOX in Texas?

In 2010, Carey and Debbie Dula saw the opportunity in MI-BOX and took on the role of helping MI-BOX to build out the family of dealers in Texas.  We opened the first dealership in Texas in June 2011, have since opened dealership in Wichita Falls, and are looking forward to opening a dealership in Austin. We want to be one of the many large and successful dealers in Texas, caring for our customers in a way that builds the MI-BOX brand with an unsurpassed reputation for quality service with the best products in the industry, working with a group of dealers who feed each others’ success and growth. A MI-BOX dealership is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is capital-intensive, but the assets (portable storage containers, delivery trucks, forklifts, and potentially warehouse buildings if you do not lease) are very long-life assets that serve your customers for many years and can build a solid business for you and your family. You can learn more at MI-BOX Business Opportunities. If you are entrepreneurial, high-energy, and committed to top-tier customer-service, then we would like to talk with you about the opportunity to join a family of customer-service-focused dealers growing together across Texas and the USA. We will tell you how and why we joined MI-BOX and will share with you what we have learned and where we see opportunities in Texas and around the country. My best, Carey Dula Texas Master Dealer for MI-BOX Moving and Mobile Storage 972-947-3373