Portable Storage Container – Growing Dallas Businesses

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Growing or Remodeling Your Business?  A Dallas MI-BOX Portable Storage Container Can Help!

Here at MI-BOX, we are getting rolling in the new year providing portable storage containers to our Dallas – Ft. Worth customers.  We hope that your business is growing as well.  Here is one of the business categories we see a lot of:  businesses that are growing are opening new spaces and remodeling the facilities that they are leasing for their new businesses.  Some projects for which businesses need more space are those that require emptying out a large part of the building such as refinishing floors in a restaurant.  When you refinish floors, you often need to take out all of the tables and chairs and other furnishings.

Use a MI-BOX Portable Storage Container from your Dallas MI-BOX Dealer to Keep Your Customers Coming While You Remodel

MI-BOX portable storage container shown in a single parking space between two cars -- cars were there when container was deliveredSometimes you can do a large job in stages so that you don’t have to render the whole business unusable by having all of your fixtures stacked in one part of the establishment.  How many times have you looked at a business undergoing a major remodel and thought it was closed down.  Have you considered whether customers that make that mistake conclude you are out of business and move their business elsewhere for good?  With a Dallas MI-BOX portable storage container, you can take part of your furnishings out while doing the remodel of one area, thereby keeping your business operating during your remodeling project.

Save Money by Keeping Your Inventory Clean Using a Dallas MI-BOX Portable Storage Container

Another advantage of moving part of your business furnishings out to a Dallas MI-BOX portable storage container is that they are kept clean during the remodel.  Many remodeling jobs generate lots of dust or overspray.  Sanding or grinding floors is a classic example.  Using a Dallas MI-BOX portable storage container gives you a safe and clean place to keep things that need to be kept clean, dry, and secure while your project is going on.  Simply not having to do a detailed dusting — paying hourly workers to clean your furniture — can easily save enough money to pay for the container rental even while keeping your business open and attractive during the project keeps the revenue flowing. A Dallas MI-BOX portable storage container is very inexpensive compared to a disruption in your business.  MI-BOX can put one of our secure and weather-tight containers in a single parking space at your business.  They are clean and attractive and do not make an eye-sore in your parking lot.  Let us help you with a MI-BOX on your site while you make the changes needed to grow your business.  Just call, and we will be there to help with a Dallas MI-BOX portable storage container!