Portable Storage Containers – Construction

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Safety of Your Possessions Depends on the Construction of Your Portable Storage Containers

How portable storage containers are constructed can make all the difference in the world to your valuable possessions stored inside. It’s easy to look at a portable storage container and conclude that it’s just a box to put your stuff in, but when you consider the value of what you are usually storing, there are a few attributes that are really important to consider when looking to use portable storage containers.

MI-BOX Portable Storage Containers Keep Your Valuables Safe from Weather

First, are your portable storage containers weather-tight? You may be planning to do your loading and unloading on nice, sunny days, but what happens if you see rain clouds on the horizon while your portable storage containers are sitting out on your street, driveway, or lot? A hard blowing rain can get in a lot of places. At MI-BOX Moving and Mobile Storage, our containers have rubber weather gaskets around the doors at the sides, and on the bottom. They also have a rain-shedding brush at the top of the door opening. Finally, they are sealed with a special neoprene gasket between all mating surfaces, and the roof is resealed, a second time, after the single aluminum sheet is affixed to the frame, insuring a weather-tight container that will keep your possessions dry in a storm. Also worth considering is the floor construction of your portable storage containers. If they are made of wood or metal planks, they may leak water from the underside, especially if they have to be transported by truck during a rain-storm. What is under the floor? Is it wood, or metal? MI-BOX portable storage containers have an all-steel sub-frame that means that they will not “wick up” water into the container, and the floor panels are sealed so that they will not leak from the under-side, even if they are carried in a downpour, throwing water up against the under-side of the portable storage containers

Steel Makes MI-BOX Portable Storage Containers Strong

Next, consider the strength of your portable storage containers. Are the walls made of plastic or steel? Ours are made of DuraPlate™, a product made from two layers of steel with a composite core and a baked on finish. Panel joinery is by sealed lap seams insuring a water-tight connection. There are containers on the market where the whole box is made from corrugated metal, and others made of blow-molded plastic. Next time you see one in a parking lot, walk over and take a look – you can  see the quality difference. At MI-BOX, we take pride in having the quality of our containers. When it is holding your family’s possessions, why take a chance with anything less than the best portable storage containers in the industry?