Portable Storage Uses – Home Staging

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Help Stage Your Home to Sell with Portable Storage

There are more uses for a portable storage container than many people realize. People think that a portable storage container is useful when moving, but they often do not consider its use in a number of other projects. Because it adds space on a temporary basis, it can be used for a number of different kinds of projects. Let’s consider its use in the decluttering aspect of home staging: getting your house ready to sell in a competitive real estate market.

Use a portable storage container to Help Sell Your Home More Quickly

Most people, when they have lived in their home for more than a year or two, have collected a lot of stuff, some of it useful, some of it attractive when presenting the home for sale, and some of it just clutter. In any case, when you add it all up, it’s clutter! A portable storage container can help to get that clutter organized or simply out of sight. Usually some of both is needed.

Dejunk with a Portable Storage Container

Let’s say you have a home with two parents and two children. If your home is anything like mine (I confess, we’ve got 4 kids), then you’ve got at least one who continually brings home junk. One of our sons could use his own portable storage container for just the junk that others were throwing away but he wanted to keep. Imagine marketing your home to the typical buyer off the street. He or she will come in and expect to see a home that looks like he could live happily there. If he comes in and sees a small bedroom piled wall-to-wall with your kid’s clutter, the first impression is that the bedrooms are too small. With a portable storage container you can pull that clutter out without the trauma of having your little collector have to go through his collection and throw half of it away. Moving is already stressful – you can put off the trauma of organizing until after the move!

Using a portable storage container to declutter your home before you try to sell it can make selling your home – a daunting task – much more manageable by letting you put off the stress of reorganizing. Plus, your new home may work better with another system of organizing than what was optimal for your old house. If you need to sell in a hurry, why add the big cleanout job to the job of selling your home? Use a portable storage container and do it on your own time when you are relaxed in your new home.