Inventory Control

Most of the different ways to use portable storage are focused on residential use, and many apply directly to business use. However, one way that we help business and event-related customers in particular is with inventory control.

Use portable storage from MI-BOX to:

  • Keep your tools and other equipment safe while working on a job  site — no need to transport everything back-and-forth each day.
  • Know your work materials will be there when you need them — sometimes the materials needed for a construction project aren’t so expensive as compared to equipment, but the time and money lost due to having to replace stolen materials left out in the open at a job site can be quite expensive.  If the materials are part of a color lot, finding matching replacements can be even more difficult.
  • Store excess inventory on-site — this is especially useful for seasonal businesses that have periods of a few weeks or months where a much larger than normal inventory is required.  Why spend money all year long to rent more space than your business usually needs when you can rent temporary storage space where and when it’s most useful to you.
  • Do you have a regular event for which you need temporary storage?  Let us bring you a weatherproof portable storage container for convenient access.  If you re-use many of the same things for each event and need to store them during the non-event seasons, let us store your portable storage container in our secure warehouse and bring it to you when needed— save yourself the cost and hassle of multiple trips to a self-storage unit.
Simplify your business operations by using MI-BOX portable storage containers on your site or in one of our secure storage centers. Unlike tilt-bed lifting systems, our Level-Lift system keeps our portable storage containers level during loading and unloading, reducing damage from shifting of packed goods. Local ownership and local service means scheduling is a breeze with MI-BOX because you talk to the people who run the business – not a call center.