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Look “Underneath the Hood” of Your Portable Storage Container and Compare

Most people who need to move or store their goods give no thought to the quality of their portable storage container, shopping on price alone.  Price is important, and the Dallas MI-BOX dealership will always match our major competitors with your quote, but it is important to consider the quality of your portable storage container  when picking the right storage container for your goods. Often overlooked is what’s underneath your portable storage container.  If you could see under your container (hint: you can when they are on the delivery truck), you would see some kind of a sub-frame that supports the interior floor and gives room for a fork lift to pick up your container in a warehouse or storage yard.  If that sub-frame is made of wood, it will wick up water if it sits out in rain, much like a wooden fence around your yard.

Steel Sub-frame Won’t Wick Water into Your Dallas MI-BOX Portable Storage Container

MI-BOX portable storage container being extended off the back of the truck; shows steel sub-frame that won't wick-up water from the groundWicking up water from under your portable storage container and bringing moisture inside your container contributes to mold or a generally musty smell to your goods.  Severe water infiltration can be a more serious problem.  All Dallas MI-BOX portable storage containers have an all-steel sub-frame that does not wick up water even if it is sitting in a low spot of standing water.  This protection keeps your goods dry and fresh smelling, two important considerations when storing in a portable storage container.

Sealing Your Dallas MI-BOX Portable Storage Container

Beyond keeping water from wicking up from below, all of our Dallas MI-BOX portable storage container panels are seam-sealed, and where the panels contact the steel frames, our containers have a compressed neoprene-type gasket seal to keep even blowing rains out. Add to that the three weather-seal gaskets on the door of all Dallas MI-BOX portable storage containers (one on the bottom and one each on the interior and exterior tracks of our roll-up doors), and you have a container that gives your goods the protection they need. You might say, “My portable storage container is going to be  stored in the MI-BOX warehouse, so why should I care?  Well, consider the Texas weather.  What if the rain comes while you are loading or as we are carrying your container between locations?  You need a box that will keep your goods dry. There are a lot of reasons that a Dallas MI-BOX portable storage container will protect your furniture, household, and business goods, but the best reason always comes back to service.  Call us and let us show you how it feels to deal with people who care about you, your family, your business, and your portable storage container.