Dallas MI-BOX Mobile Storage Containers – Safety of Your Possessions

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What Do You Need to Consider in Order to Protect Your Possessions in Mobile Storage Containers?

Have you given much thought to the safety of your goods in Dallas MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage containers when in storage?  It is something we get a lot of questions on so I thought it would be useful to write a quick post to talk about some of the important things we do, and some you can do, to secure your possessions when you are moving with a mobile storage container in Dallas whether it is a MI-BOX, a PODS® container, or any other mobile storage provider.The key to success with your contents is in packing your mobile storage containers well and storing things that are OK to store for long periods of time.  The odds of a truck having a wreck with your goods on board or a tornado, flood, or warehouse fire during storage are really very small.  The greatest dangers come from poor packing and storing things that should not be stored for long periods.

Packing for Moving and Storing in Mobile Storage Containers

Mobile storage containers must be packed tightly, not allowing the contents to shift when the container is moving down the bumpy road.  Pack it just like a rental moving truck, because when it’s on the back of the MI-BOX delivery truck, that’s just what your Dallas MI-BOX mobile storage container is.  You can find packing help on our site and many others.  I would also recommend going to YouTube and searching for videos on “how to pack a moving truck.”  I have done this search, and there are many good videos with great info that costs you nothing but your time.  The best single piece of advice is to pack the mobile storage containers full, going from low to high.  Never pack the front half to the ceiling and leave the back half empty.

Use Quality Mobile Storage Containers in our Dallas Warehouse

  MI-BOX portable storage containers at our secure warehouseNext, be sure that your mobile storage containers are weather-tight.  I have heard many stories where someone had a container out in the rain but the container was one of poor quality, and it leaked, damaging their goods.  Like anything that is to be packed for a long period of time, the contents of your mobile storage containers must be packed dry.  All Dallas MI-BOX mobile storage containers have solid aluminum sheet roofs that reflect the heat and are sealed against rain.  They can live outdoors 365 days a year safely.  We also store in a secure warehouse where the air is not allowed to sit and get stale nor is it allowed to freeze and thaw promoting condensation.  The more humid the climate, the more this matters. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any more questions about the safety of your possessions in a Dallas MI-BOX mobile storage containers.