Compare MI-BOX and PODS® portable storage containers in these two case studies.

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The Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex was hit hard by hail storms during the month of August 2012, and we’d like to share two case studies from those storms.

Case Study #1: PODS® plastic roof vs. hail storm

As you may know, we had a number of strong tornadoes hit the DFW area in April of 2012.  We ended up serving a number of customers in the storm recovery in Forney, east of Dallas, and just lately, one in Lancaster, south of Dallas.  The Lancaster customer originally ordered two portable storage units from PODS®, and they sat out on her yard for about five months, holding all the salvaged possessions from her devastated home while it was being rebuilt. Unfortunately, PODS® containers have plastic roofs, and after a full summer in the Texas sun, a major hail storm seems to have cracked the roof on one of the PODS® containers (it may have already suffered previous damage as the PODS®container showed evidence of repair).  Her possessions were soaked by the rain and many things she was saving were ruined.  She called MI-BOX, and we told her about our aluminum roofs.  Our new customer now has consolidated her remaining belongings from her PODS®containers into a MI-BOX mobile storage container and is telling all her friends and neighbors the story. Update: Our customer tried for several weeks to get PODS® to take her claim, but they would not return her calls.  In exasperation, she told her story to local news stations — you can see her story at NBC5 and FOX4.  Unfortunately, the nice things she said about us and her good friends at NAPO-DFW ended up on the cutting-room floor, but rest assured that at MI-BOX, you deal with the people who know and run the business, so there’s never any call-center run-around.

Case Study #2: MI-BOX aluminum roof vs. hail storm

MI-BOX portable container that came through severe hail storm with no leaks We had one portable storage container sitting outdoors that was hit by hail during a storm that was so severe that the apartment complex where it sat had its brand-new roof utterly destroyed, with daylight visible from holes all the way through the shingles and decking.  What happened to the MI-BOX?  It had dimples in the aluminum roof and no other damage at all.  It needs no repair and is continuing in service. All MI-BOX portable storage containers in Texas have one-piece aluminum roofs which provide much, much greater protection against hail and other falling perils, and there’s no risk of sun-fade damage from the intense sun in the southern states. Also, the interior stays cooler since the aluminum reflects most of the sun’s radiant heat. If you are storing outdoors in Texas, MI-BOX reflective aluminum roofs can make all the difference.We believe that MI-BOX mobile storage containers are the best in the industry — compare us to PODS® and Pack-Rat and decide for yourself!