Garage Makeovers

Garages often seem to be the first place in a home to get out-of-control, but they present  a special challenge when you want to tackle that garage reorganization/remodel project: where to put the garage contents while you’re working.  You could move everything out into the driveway, but if you can’t complete your project within a day, you will have to move everything back in with your project only partially complete.  Some of the items could go into the house, but you wouldn’t want your dirty, oily lawn equipment on your nice floors.   You could rent a self-storage unit, but then you have to spend much of your project time transporting your tools and equipment back and forth in your car or rent a truck if you don’t want to risk damaging your vehicle.  And then go back to your storage unit each time you need that one particular tool or need to mow.

A portable storage container from MI-BOX solves all of these problems.

Let us deliver a secure, weatherproof 16′ portable storage container to your location.  Then load it just by walking from the garage to the portable storage container and lock it up when you will be away from it.  Your tools, bicycles, lawn equipment, etc. are stored safely while you complete your project, but also close by so that you can access them conveniently. So, now you can tackle that garage!