Portable Storage Containers – Popularity

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Why are Portable Storage Containers Growing in Popularity?

Portable storage containers have been growing in popularity for many years since PODS® first took the concept to the residential market. Today there are container delivery systems with capabilities far beyond the initial systems and new containers with many enhancements to durability, appearance, weather-tightness, and utility. The MI-BOX portable storage containers and the MI-BOX Level Lift system are the most advanced in the industry and bring the utility of portable storage containers to new places and customers.

Advanced New Delivery Systems Drive Up Use of Portable Storage Containers

Historically, with some delivery systems, it has been difficult to deliver portable storage containers to locations without a lot of room beside the container.

Moving into or out of an apartment is one area where MI-BOX portable storage containers excel. With the MI-BOX Level Lift system, it is easy to place MI-BOX portable storage containers in a single car parking space as you can see in the picture below. In fact, MI-BOX portable storage containers need only sixteen inches of space on either side to safely lift and lower the containers, meaning that you can place our sixteen foot long containers side-by-side in each parking space in a standard parking lot. Also, you can place a container on one side of a two-car driveway and still have plenty of room for another full size car or truck on the other side of the drive.

 Two MI-BOX portable storage containers side-by-side in a drivewayMany delivery systems need several feet on each side of the container, meaning that you cannot put one on the edge of a driveway without driving an awkward lift system over the adjacent yard. The MI-BOX Level Lift system delivers portable storage containers without the lift system ever touching the yard or driveway. You just cannot achieve that with a tilt-bed delivery system or even with the system used by the largest company in the portable storage market.

A MI-BOX Advantage: Active Monitoring During Placement of Portable Storage Containers

No matter how precisely your provider can deliver portable storage containers, you won’t be happy if they drop one on your flower bed, roll over your mailbox, or knock out your kids’ basketball goal. These kinds of problems are all but eliminated with the MI-BOX Level Lift system as it operates by wireless remote control. While the container is being positioned, the delivery driver is completely free to walk all around the container, allowing him to keep a close eye on every edge of the container to make sure it neither bumps nor sets down on anything you don’t want scratched or squashed. With the most advanced hydraulic and remote-controlled lift system in the market, you can trust MI-BOX to safely place portable storage containers where you want them and take care of your property in the process.