About Us

The MI-BOX Business Model Compared to PODS®

MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage opened in 2004 servicing the moving and storage needs of customers around Chicago. Now MI-BOX dealerships service customers throughout the United States and Canada, and every MI-BOX location is independently owned and operated so MI-BOX customers always talk directly with their local MI-BOX company. These MI-BOX business owners know and understand the markets and people they service.  You just can’t get that kind of personal customer service through the PODS®call center.

Meet the Dallas – Ft. Worth MI-BOX Dealership Owners

We are lifelong Texas natives. Carey is from Dallas, and Debbie is from San Angelo, with all four of our boys born in Plano where we have lived since we married many years back.  We got into the storage containers business in June 2011 when we opened the first Texas MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage dealership in Dallas. Together with our four sons, we are building the business in Dallas and looking for others to join us in Texas. family-photoDoes dealing with a local, family-owned business matter? You bet it does, and here’s why: Because moving or storing your valued possessions or your business goods means you are trusting a company with your life and livelihood. The last thing you want in a move, when something changes in your plans or you have a surprise issue, is to call your mobile storage company only to talk to a call-center agent. We feed our children from this business and spend a huge portion of our energy and time thinking about how to better care for our customers so that they will trust and recommend us to their friends.  If you own your own business, you understand what we mean.  You just cannot get that kind of concern and service out of people who don’t have “skin in the game.” At MI-BOX Moving and Mobile Storage of Texas, we have all of our skin in the game, and you will know it from how we care for you, your home, and your business.
  • Family owned by a Dallas (Carey), San Angelo (Debbie) and Plano (the kids) native family.
  • Customer service that shows we care about you and your needs.
  • We never forget who pays the bills and feeds our family. We are here to serve you!
If you ever have a customer service problem, you are always welcome to call Carey or Debbie directly at 972-947-3373. Thank you, Carey and Debbie Dula