Packing and Moving Tips: Securing Your Possessions in MI-BOX Portable Containers

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MI-BOX portable storage containers can be loaded front-to-back, floor-to-sealing.  But how do you secure your items if your container is not fully loaded?

Shrink-Wrap for Packing and Moving

One “secret weapon” that professional movers use is shrink-wrap.  Group items closely together and then wrap shrink-wrap around them several times so that if they do shift a little, they will shift as a unit.

D-rings and Tie-downs for Packing and Moving

portable-storage-container-tie-downs Another method is to use tie-downs to keep your items from shifting.  Many of our locations, including your Dallas MI-BOX dealership, are installing D-rings in our portable storage containers so that you can use straps or rope to secure your belongings.  Unlike some of our competitors, our D-rings are installed to the steel frame, not to the walls.  Why does this matter? D-rings installed in the walls of the container have to be anchored by puncturing the wall, which creates a possible entry- point for rain-water.  Additionally, the stress of securing items to a D-ring on the wall can actually pull the rivits out of wall panels, exposing your valuable possessions to the elements.

Questions About Packing and Moving Using Portable Storage?  Give Us a Call!

All MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage dealerships are locally owned-and-operated, so you can talk to the people who know the business, not a call center.  In the greater Dallas – Fort Worth dealership, call 214-377-6016.  If you need help outside of our service area, call our toll-free number 866-642-6999.