Fire/Flood/Storm Restoration

Don’t Court a Second Disaster — Compare MI-BOX Portable Storage to PODS®

Disaster can strike your home with little or no warning, leaving the contents of your home unprotected. MI-BOX can help by providing secure, on-site portable storage for your belongings while the professionals work on restoring your home. How much does your choice of portable storage provider matter?  Most people don’t think much about it.  Portable storage is pretty much all the same, right?  See below for the story of two portable storage companies, a tornado, and a hail storm  …

Compare MI-BOX and PODS® portable storage containers in these two case studies.

The Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex was hit hard by hail storms during the month of August 2012, and we’d like to share two case studies from those storms.

Case Study #1: PODS® plastic roof vs. hail storm

As you may know, we had a number of strong tornadoes hit the DFW...Read More »