Portable Storage Containers

At MI-BOX, we do not rest on our laurels; we are always working to improve our containers, delivery system, and service.  All MI-BOX dealerships in Texas have at least 7th generation MI-BOX mobile storage containers, which means our containers protect your possessions better than the competition’s containers can.

Protecting Your Goods — Rain or Shine

  • Steel walls and aluminum roofs shield contents from hail (see these Case Studies for a comparison of a MI-BOX container and a PODS® container subjected to hail and rain)
  • Sealed against the rain
  • Will not rust—stays attractive-looking
  • All-steel subframe will not wick up water from the ground
  • Aluminum roof  and white DuraPlate™ steel/composite walls protect contents from sun-fade and radiant heat — the translucent platic roofs on PODS® containers cannot protect your possessions from the damaging rays of the Texas sun
  • Gaskets and dust seals throughout box keep out the blowing dust

Safety — Ground-Level Loading and Unloading

Have you ever loaded a rental truck with a ramp that came down to the ground? Ramps are steep and narrow, and you are often carrying up heavy furniture. One small misstep and you’re off the edge of the ramp. If you are lifting the back of a couch, that is even more dangerous. MI-BOX places your mobile storage container on the ground so that you only step up four inches, not climb up four feet to the back of the truck. This is safer for the people loading and for the things they are carrying. Further, it’s a lot faster and easier to load and unload at ground-level.

Convenient Access

Doors on our containers roll up and out of the way and are full width, stretching all the way across the opening, so moving large items in and out is easy. We can deliver with the door of the portable storage container facing your home or facing the street — whatever makes it easier for you.  Further, having the container down on the ground when you load and unload means no dangerous and difficult ramps to navigate, risking falls and dropped goods.

The Details

The containers at our MI-BOX dealership are 16 ft long by 7 ft 2 in wide by 8 ft high and hold 3-4 rooms of furniture or a medium-sized apartment.

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