Home Staging

MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage of Texas is a member of the Dallas Chapter of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), and we love to support you and your stager in selling your home fast!

Using a MI-BOX Portable Storage Container for Staging Can Help You:

  • Get a head start on your packing and move
  • Give you extra space to sort through your belongings as you stage and pack
  • Let you work on your own schedule to manage the moving time crunch
With MI-BOX portable storage units, it’s easy to stage your home. We put a large and attractive portable storage container in your driveway or on the street by your house. You take your time, filling it with the things you and your stager want out of the house, and then call us to take the container away or just leave it in your driveway. Potential buyers get the best uncluttered view of your home, and you get a head-start on packing for your move!