Commercial Customers Needing a Mobile Storage Container

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Getting Your Mobile Storage Container to Your Customer When Emergencies Happen

One thing we have learned serving commercial customers at MI-BOX is that quality service from your mobile storage container vendor on your schedule matters. Business is built by keeping commitments with customers and being there when they need you.  If you are not there when you are needed, then you may not be needed at all.  At MI-BOX, we understand how important it is to serve our commercial customers in the same way they serve their customers. Many of our trips are serving restoration contractors who need a high quality mobile storage container on their customer’s site and need it quickly.  Fires and floods do not happen on a schedule or just when it is convenient (when would that be?), so if it means we work long days to meet the need, then that is what we do.

Customer Service to Match the High-Quality MI-BOX Mobile Storage Container

We have earned the business of many mobile storage container customers by helping them solve emergency delivery situations.  Many companies tell customers that they must wait days for delivery or pickup of their mobile storage container, and in some cases this may be OK, but in many cases it is not.

When You’re Done with your Mobile Storage Container …

MI-BOX truck leaving the warehouse, on its way to deliver a portable storage containerAnother important factor is pickup schedule for the mobile storage container.  Sometimes our customers have limitations on the amount of time they can have a mobile storage container in their retail lot, and when they are finished using it, we need to get it out quickly, so that is what we do. MI-BOX is your local mobile storage container company that is built on customer service, so emergencies are our specialty.  When you need help and are tired of hearing “no” from other companies, give MI-BOX a call and let us bring you a mobile storage container fast.