Portable Storage Containers Uses – Moving

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MI-BOX Portable Storage Containers Are the Easy Way to Move

MI-BOX portable storage containers take the stress out of moving by adding time to your moving process so that you can move on your own schedule, not on the schedule of your moving company or the company renting you a moving truck. For the do-it-yourself mover, traditional practice has been to pack all you can and then call your friends on a Saturday, starting early and working all day to get a truck loaded, moved to your new home, and unloaded.  There are a few problems with this model.

Take Your Time and Keep Your Friends by Using Portable Storage Containers

First, if you’ve done a move this way very many times, you probably don’t have any friends left, and if you’re much over 25, your friends may not have much back left after you worked them over in your last few moves.  MI-BOX portable storage containers can help you keep the friends you have.  We deliver your MI-BOX on your schedule and let you take all the time you need to pack.  You can call a friend to help you with a few heavy pieces, or we can arrange professional help for you.   If your friends do it, now they don’t have to load everything – just the pieces where you really need help. Maybe you have to move out before your new place is ready to move in.  With MI-BOX, that’s no problem.  After your portable storage containers are loaded, then we can take them away to our secure storage center and store them for you as long as you like.  Call us, and we’ll bring your portable storage containers to your new home.  Again, we deliver on your schedule.  With a rental truck you just can’t solve that problem without adding in an extra unload and repack by going into a mini-warehouse or someone’s garage.  That doubles your work in the move, and now you have to bug your friends again.

Make Moving Easier with Portable Storage Containers

  Single-width driveway with one MI-BOX mobile storage container already delivered and a second container being delivered -- both without running over lawn as would happen with PODS®PODzillaWhen you move to your new home, there’s no stress because you aren’t driving and you aren’t rushed.  MI-BOX delivers your portable storage containers to your new home on your schedule, leaving them there as long as you like so you can unload in an organized way on your own schedule.  How many times have you unpacked into a new home in a single rushed day only to have to totally reorganize and rearrange your home because you were so rushed when you first unpacked. MI-BOX makes your move easy and keeps your friends happy.  Do it the simple, pain-free way this time with MI-BOX portable storage containers.