Do you have so much stuff you’re not even know where to start? Let MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage bring temporary, weather-tight, secure storage space right to your home so that you can have space to think. Just moved into a new home and need a little sanity?  Combined households and have more than you need? Tackle a bit at a time by storing excess belongings with MI-BOX at your home or in our warehouse.

MI-BOX brings secure portable storage to you when and where you need it. We can help:

  • Empty-nesters or seniors downsizing to a smaller home
  • Families deal with inherited things they don’t want to go through right away
  • New families sorting through possesions when combining households
  • Store personal belongings to stage a home to sell
  • Make the extra space needed to tackle a big project
  • Safely secure garage contents on-site during a garage remodeling
  • Store belongings between homes and while organizing during a move-in
If you aren’t sure where to start or how to tackle an organization project, contact NAPO-DFW for excellent professional advice.  They can put you in contact with the right person or team for your project, whether it’s closets, kitchen, office, photographs, or your whole house!