Ready to Sell Your Home? Tips from Eubank Staging

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“Now what about those things you have an emotional attachment to that will definitely hold a place of pride in the new house, but will hamper the sale? Storage is the best solution. There are multiple DIY storage companies but that’s time consuming as well, so try a local service called Mi Box. When you call, you actually get one of the owners on the line and not a call center in another state, which is a refreshing change. They’ll set you up with the brawn and move your bulk into storage then deliver it to your new home. You can’t beat that.” — Karen Eubank of Eubank Staging Read the full article on Candy’s Dirt here: Ready to Sell Your Home? Karen Eubank Offers 5 Tips to Declutter on the Double

Floor & Decor in Plano

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Attended the awesome Floor and Decor‘s Industry Networking event at their Plano location.  Met Jenny Rivadeneira of Northstar Granite & Remodeling in Plano and reconnected with Tina Garry (pictured) of Floor and Decor’s Pro Services and Jon Joslin and the fabulous Marnita of Artisan Tile in Little Elm.  Thank you, Kent Wonus for hosting! @flooranddecor @northstar-granite-remodeling​ @artisan-tile-design #flooranddecor #northstargraniteremodeling #artisantiledesign #mibox #mobilestorage #portablestorage #packouts

Reflecting on a question

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If you were wondering whether the color of materials can make much difference in how the Texas sun feels, check this out! At our MI-BOX Dallas Mobile Storage dealership, we had an unusually cool and wet spring this year, but now we are back to days and days of 100F-ish temperatures, and our youngest son and I finally did an experiment that I’ve been meaning to do for years. We hung a white shirt and a black shirt for a few minutes on our fence facing the sun and then used a laser thermometer to measure the temperatures. At the time, the official temperature was 104F/40c. The white shirt measured 115F/46c. The black shirt was 130F/54c. I’m wearing white in the summer! Of course, our MI-BOX mobile storage containers have highly-reflective aluminum roofs and white walls to protect your belongings from the summer sun! ‪#‎mobilestorage‬ ‪#‎portablestorage‬ ‪#‎mibox‬ mibox-moving-storage-white-reflects-the-heat

Packing and Moving Tips: Securing Your Possessions in MI-BOX Portable Containers

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MI-BOX portable storage containers can be loaded front-to-back, floor-to-sealing.  But how do you secure your items if your container is not fully loaded?

Shrink-Wrap for Packing and Moving

One “secret weapon” that professional movers use is shrink-wrap.  Group items closely together and then wrap shrink-wrap around them several times so that if they do shift a little, they will shift as a unit.

D-rings and Tie-downs for Packing and Moving

portable-storage-container-tie-downs Another method is to use tie-downs to keep your items from shifting.  Many of our locations, including your Dallas MI-BOX dealership, are installing D-rings in our portable storage containers so that you can use straps or rope to secure your belongings.  Unlike some of our competitors, our D-rings are installed to the steel frame, not to the walls.  Why does this matter? D-rings installed in the walls of the container have to be anchored by puncturing the wall, which creates a possible entry- point for rain-water.  Additionally, the stress of securing items to a D-ring on the wall can actually pull the rivits out of wall panels, exposing your valuable possessions to the elements.

Questions About Packing and Moving Using Portable Storage?  Give Us a Call!

All MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage dealerships are locally owned-and-operated, so you can talk to the people who know the business, not a call center.  In the greater Dallas – Fort Worth dealership, call 214-377-6016.  If you need help outside of our service area, call our toll-free number 866-642-6999.

I first called the PODS company …

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I first called the PODS®company and they couldn’t supply a box on my timeframe so I went down the list and came across MI-Box. Debbie and Carey were prompt and such a great price. We lived in a neighborhood that had challenging streets and then moved to another house that was almost impossible to drop the box without going into a ravine, but they managed it. Excellent service! — SC in Flower Mound, Texas on Yelp

After a very negative experience with a nationally-known …

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After a very negative experience with a nationally-known mobile storage company, we turned to the Dula’s Mi-Box Storage for help. They had the solution for our needs and were prompt, professional, and nice. They delivered as scheduled and arranged the pickup schedule to accommodate ours. Their product protected our household goods and furniture safely during a two-month home remodel, and they placed it where we wanted to keep it. Highly-recommended! — DS in Ft. Worth, Texas