Packing and Storage Tips – Scheduling and Contacts

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Be sure to allow enough time for us to schedule your mobile storage container pick-up and move. We generally work in a first-come first-served basis and can usually get you within twenty-four hours’ notice on a week-day, but during peak move seasons we may need 48 hours’ notice, not counting weekends and holidays. As you finalize your move, be sure to arrange stop and start of service for your utilities, telephone, Internet, cable, newspapers, magazines, etc. Anything that is delivered to you needs to be changed. Also, please make sure that MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage can always reach you by keeping us up-to-date on your email, phone, and mailing address. Contact your post office and get a change-of-address kit. These are full of useful tips as well as mail forwarding. Other entities you may need to inform include: you DMV/Drivers License department, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, schools, clubs, family, and friends.

How much weight can a MI-BOX Mobile Storage Container hold?

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While the MI-BOX patent pending LEVELIFT can lift up to 10,000lbs, most of our customers typically get 4,000 to 5,000 pounds in the storage container due to item size and packing constraints. A MI-BOX mobile storage container can weigh up to 10,000 pounds fully loaded. The container itself weighs about 2,300 lbs, so you can store about 7,700 lbs inside the box. For comparison, that is more than a full-size pickup truck weighs (generally 5,000 – 6,000 lbs). It is almost impossible with regular household goods to exceed the 10,000 pound limit. It almost *never* happens. As of May 2016, we have seen three overloaded containers that had to be partially unloaded before we could pick them up.  Two were because of a large personal library of books, and one was because of boxes of metal parts from a business. However, if your storage needs include lots of books, magazines, tools, tool chests or other heavy items, remember to be careful to not exceed the maximum weight. You may not be able to use the entire container’s available space. If in doubt, give us a call, and we are happy to advise!

What are MI-BOX portable storage containers made of?

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MI-BOX portable storage containers are made of heavy steel frames that are either hot-dip-galvanized or treated with other corrosion inhibitors to make them impervious to weather, even in harsh climates. Walls are made of DuraPlate™, the premium heavy-duty panel product for OTR trailers with an 80,000 PSI strength. Roofs are reflective aluminum to prevent damage from the sun’s rays and reflect radiant heat. They are weather-tight and made to live outdoors in any climate. They are proven in places like New York City, Chicago, and Las Vegas, testing the extremes of heat and cold as well as sun, snow, and salt from the roads. They have a nice clean appearance and are easy to keep looking great! You can read more about our containers here.

Where should I have my MI-BOX mobile storage container placed?

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You can put your MI-BOX mobile storage container where-ever we can fit it.  Driveways are often the best, but your MI-BOX can be placed on the street by your home or business or on your lot elsewhere. Unlike some competitors, we can place a MI-BOX mobile storage container on an unimproved surface. Our treated steel undercarriage keeps your possessions up out of mud and dirt. Just don’t put the container in a low-lying area where flooding is likely. It won’t float away, but you don’t want it under water in a storm. In apartments or commercial locations, a MI-BOX fits nicely in a single regular parking place, and we can even put them in side-by-side parking spaces. Probably most importantly, we will look at a satellite view of your address and talk with you about placement options before we deliver.  We will give you an honest assessment, taking into account not just the area needed for the container itself, but how much room is needed to deliver the container, whether there are concerns with trees, fences, etc., and what your preferences are. If your municipality has requirements for permitting, you must obtain any required permits and comply with local ordinances.

How much room do I need for delivery?

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It is important to keep in mind that we will be bringing large containers to you that have to be dropped off by our hydraulic lift truck. This is very different than just parking a truck. When we leave, the container itself is sixteen feet long, but there is a twenty-nine-foot-long truck that must back up to the spot for drop-off, and we need an extra five feet or so to turn and align the truck. Space requirements for the drop-off or a pick-up are: A straight space that is 50’ long, 9-1/2’ wide, and 13’ clear overhead (for the box when it is on the truck). Remember that just because it looks like a lot of space for your truck or boat, it may be very different for our truck, which is larger than just a big U-Haul truck, because we are going to extend the box off the back of the truck, thereby adding to the length required. If you have any doubts, be sure to discuss this with us. Sometimes we are depending on other areas being empty in front of the space where your container is going to be placed. If we discuss that with you, you will need to make sure that area is empty for our truck to back up for drop-off or pick-up. Good delivery and pickup planning will avoid those kinds of problems almost every time!

Where can I store my MI-BOX mobile storage container?

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You can store your MI-BOX at your home or have us take it to our secure warehouse. You can also have it moved to a friend’s home or your business. We are here to help you, and part of that help is putting the mobile storage container where it is best for you. If you store it in our warehouse, just let us know when and where you want it returned, and we’ll bring it back to your house or your new house. You don’t have to do a “second move” out of a self-storage facility or a friend’s garage or bother with renting and driving moving trucks.

Do you offer insurance for my belongings?

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Mobile storage containers are similar to rental trucks.  Since we do not wrap, pack, or load your MI-BOX, we do not insure your goods, but you still have several options to get coverage for your possessions should you desire it. Your home-owners or renters’ insurance may be the most cost-effective option. Your policy may already cover your possessions temporarily while in storage away from your home, or if not, then your carrier may be willing to add that coverage for a small fee. There are also companies that specialize in mobile and self storage coverage. One that some of our customers have used is Tenant One Mobile Storage Coverage.  Should you call Tenant One (800-544-6464), you can identify our facility with them through the facility number they have assigned us, which is: 201367-TX. Another company that offers specific insurance for customers using container-based storage is  You can contact them by clicking on the link.

Do you prorate?

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We do not prorate partial months. Your monthly rental entitles you to the use of your rented MI-BOX container for all or any part of the monthly rental period as stated in your rental agreement. However, we will work with you to schedule your service to take the best advantage of your billing cycle. Your rent is charged on the monthly anniversary of the initial delivery date (or the last day of the month if the corresponding date does not exist in the subsequent month), so you must notify us that your container is empty and ready for pickup before the anniversary date in order to avoid being charged on the anniversary date.  Please see Terms & Conditions for additional details.

Can MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage help me with packing?

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You bet. We have relationships with professional packing and loading service companies who do this kind of work every day. They are not our employees and we do not resell their services, so you are getting their prices, not their prices marked up by us. We also sell packing and moving supplies like locks, boxes, tape, shrink-wrap, bubble-wrap, and moving blankets to help protect your goods during your move. We rent moving blanket too. Just give us a call.