Where should I have my MI-BOX mobile storage container placed?

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You can put your MI-BOX mobile storage container where-ever we can fit it.  Driveways are often the best, but your MI-BOX can be placed on the street by your home or business or on your lot elsewhere. Unlike some competitors, we can place a MI-BOX mobile storage container on an unimproved surface. Our treated steel undercarriage keeps your possessions up out of mud and dirt. Just don’t put the container in a low-lying area where flooding is likely. It won’t float away, but you don’t want it under water in a storm. In apartments or commercial locations, a MI-BOX fits nicely in a single regular parking place, and we can even put them in side-by-side parking spaces. Probably most importantly, we will look at a satellite view of your address and talk with you about placement options before we deliver.  We will give you an honest assessment, taking into account not just the area needed for the container itself, but how much room is needed to deliver the container, whether there are concerns with trees, fences, etc., and what your preferences are. If your municipality has requirements for permitting, you must obtain any required permits and comply with local ordinances.