Do you offer insurance for my belongings?

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Mobile storage containers are similar to rental trucks.  Since we do not wrap, pack, or load your MI-BOX, we do not insure your goods, but you still have several options to get coverage for your possessions should you desire it. Your home-owners or renters’ insurance may be the most cost-effective option. Your policy may already cover your possessions temporarily while in storage away from your home, or if not, then your carrier may be willing to add that coverage for a small fee. There are also companies that specialize in mobile and self storage coverage. One that some of our customers have used is Tenant One Mobile Storage Coverage.  Should you call Tenant One (800-544-6464), you can identify our facility with them through the facility number they have assigned us, which is: 201367-TX. Another company that offers specific insurance for customers using container-based storage is  You can contact them by clicking on the link.