Portable Storage Containers – Popularity

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Why are Portable Storage Containers Growing in Popularity?

Portable storage containers have been growing in popularity for many years since PODS® first took the concept to the residential market. Today there are container delivery systems with capabilities far beyond the initial systems and new containers with many enhancements to durability, appearance, weather-tightness, and utility. The MI-BOX portable storage containers and the MI-BOX Level Lift system are the most advanced in the industry and bring the utility of portable storage containers to new places and customers.

Advanced New Delivery Systems Drive Up Use of Portable Storage Containers

Historically, with some delivery systems, it has been difficult to deliver portable storage containers to locations without a lot of room beside the container.

Moving into or out of an apartment is one area where MI-BOX portable storage containers excel. With the MI-BOX Level Lift system, it is easy to place MI-BOX portable storage containers in a single car parking space as you can see in the picture below. In fact, MI-BOX portable storage containers need only sixteen inches of space on either side to safely lift and lower the containers, meaning that you can place our sixteen foot long containers side-by-side in each parking space in a standard parking lot. Also, you can place a container on one side of a two-car driveway and still have plenty of room for another full size car or truck on the other side of the drive.

 Two MI-BOX portable storage containers side-by-side in a drivewayMany delivery systems need several feet on each side of the container, meaning that you cannot put one on the edge of a driveway without driving an awkward lift system over the adjacent yard. The MI-BOX Level Lift system delivers portable storage containers without the lift system ever touching the yard or driveway. You just cannot achieve that with a tilt-bed delivery system or even with the system used by the largest company in the portable storage market.

A MI-BOX Advantage: Active Monitoring During Placement of Portable Storage Containers

No matter how precisely your provider can deliver portable storage containers, you won’t be happy if they drop one on your flower bed, roll over your mailbox, or knock out your kids’ basketball goal. These kinds of problems are all but eliminated with the MI-BOX Level Lift system as it operates by wireless remote control. While the container is being positioned, the delivery driver is completely free to walk all around the container, allowing him to keep a close eye on every edge of the container to make sure it neither bumps nor sets down on anything you don’t want scratched or squashed. With the most advanced hydraulic and remote-controlled lift system in the market, you can trust MI-BOX to safely place portable storage containers where you want them and take care of your property in the process.

Mobile Storage Containers Dallas Uses – Remodeling

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Remodeling with MI-BOX Mobile Storage Containers Dallas

Mobile storage containers are used all around the Dallas Fort Worth area by people with different needs. In this article we will describe some of the benefits of using a mobile storage container in a remodeling job. Remodeling has several key elements that make mobile storage containers Dallas an ideal solution for some key problems you will face.

Make Remodeling Easier with MI-BOX Mobile Storage Containers Dallas

First, at the start of any job, there is going to be a set-up, which usually involves moving homeowners’ or business-owners’ goods from the work-space. Piling valued possessions in the corner of a room, in the garage, and spread over the home or business subjects them to loss and damage in much greater proportion than storing them in an organized fashion. Placing your goods in a MI-BOX means that they are protected, out of the weather, and secured by your own lock. If you need them hauled away, we can take the container to our Dallas warehouse where we store your possessions for safe-keeping for as long as you need us to. Using your mobile storage containers Dallas to get a clean work-space will always make your job go faster.

Second, the things that are being removed are often quite valuable and subject to theft. When there is a big remodeling project going on in your home or business, you are likely to have many contractors in your home, some of whom you know and trust and some of whom you do not. Using a MI-BOX mobile storage containers Dallas gives you a place to lock up your valuables away from prying eyes and sticky fingers.

Easy Access to Your Possessions Using Mobile Storage Containers Dallas

Finally, while the work is going on, you may need access to the things that are stored. Having extra storage space on-site makes it easy. You can use your mobile storage containers Dallas as an extra closet, but it’s a closed big enough to hold three or four rooms of furnishings. You can even stack them inside like a small warehouse. We have customers who use them for exactly that purpose, complete with aisles down the middle of the container. If you have a remodeling job to do, make it easy with a MI-BOX mobile storage containers Dallas.

Mobile Storage Containers in Dallas – Ft. Worth: a Comparison

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Comparing Mobile Storage Containers in Dallas – Ft. Worth

At the MI-BOX dealership in Dallas, Texas, we support businesses and individuals looking for mobile storage containers in the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex.  Often, when looking for the best provider of mobile storage containers in the DFW metroplex, the customer comes to us to compare us to PODS® and other well-known and lesser-known providers.  There are differences in both the delivery system as well as the container.  We thought it would be a good idea to tell you how our containers are different and what that means to you and your property.

What Sets MI-BOX Apart from the Mobile Storage Containers: Dallas – Ft. Worth Competition

First, the containers used by all suppliers of mobile storage containers in the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex are not all the same.  MI-BOX uses DuraPlate containers with heavy steel frames that do not warp under load or rust in your driveway.  These are not like the cargo storage containers you see on cargo ships coming from China to ocean ports in the US and then being loaded onto rail cars or trucks to be delivered to warehouses across the country.  These mobile storage containers are sixteen feet long, not forty or fifty-three feet as many of these large and very heavy international shipping containers. Image showing a cut-away graphic of the DuraPlate walls used in MI-BOX mobile storage containersThe MI-BOX mobile storage containers in the DFW metroplex are made of DuraPlate ™, a proven structural composite material that consists of two external skins thermally bonded to a high-density polyethylene core. It was originally developed in 1996 for over-the-road trailers. The DuraPlate composite trailer is the leader in the North American trucking industry, with over 350,000 on the road today. At the heart of the DuraPlate panel is a structure that is extremely strong and energy absorbent, resulting in durability, impact resistance, and unsurpassed aesthetic appeal. Also, all MI-BOX mobile storage containers in the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex have an aluminum roof, not a translucent plastic roof as some of our competitors do.  Though we have used these in the past, our current generation and the ones we use in the DFW metroplex have a solid sheet of reflective aluminum that reflects the southern sun’s reflective rays, keeping your possessions out of the direct radiant heat of the Texas sun.  These containers are much cooler than a car sitting out in the hot sun.

Trust MI-BOX for Mobile Storage Containers: Dallas – Ft. Worth Metroplex

Finally the containers are secure.  There is a steel door and the DuraPlate wall panels are two layers of steel over a composite core, making the containers extremely hard to break in when coupled with a high-security self-storage-style disc lock. All things considered, when you need mobile storage containers in the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex for your residential or commercial application, you cannot find finer containers than MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage containers.

Mobile Storage Container Uses – Garage Remodeling

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Simplify Garage Remodeling with a Mobile Storage Container

A mobile storage container can help you run a garage remodeling project smoothly and efficiently. Many people today are doing high-end garage remodels, turning formerly drab and unorganized spaces into show-places for high-end automobiles and even extended living spaces (think “man cave”).  This project may involve hanging cabinets, installing a sink and refrigerator, installing racks, and even a flat-screen TV and sound system.  It almost always involves a new floor:  usually a highly durable epoxy coating that is easy to clean and looks fantastic. When turning your garage into a new space as described above, you generally have to clean out what is there while you do the work and then organize it as it goes back into the garage.  That’s where a mobile storage container comes into play.

A Mobile Storage Container Gives You Secure Storage at Your Location

A mobile storage container gives you the extra space you need, and that conveniently located, when you have to empty out your garage.  Imagine taking the things in your garage and covering them with a tarp in your back-yard or moving them into your home (or likely some of each).  You have things with gasoline in them like your lawn mower, weed eater, and leaf blower.  Perhaps your gas grill and other cooking items are there as well.  Some of these things are clean, but some are dirty, covered with allergens like dry grass and dust.  Do you really want to stack those things in your house? If you store your possessions outside they are subject to water damage from rain and sprinklers that can cause rust.  Worse still, they may be stolen.  Often times the things in your garage are of high value to thieves as they can easily be pawned or sold (tools, lawn equipment, golf clubs, etc.).  Storing them in a secured mobile storage container protects you from these risks.

Use a Mobile Storage Container and Take Your Time to Put Your Garage in Order after a Remodel

Also, when your new garage is set up and beautiful, you will want to put everything back in its new place, probably getting rid of some of the stuff you used to keep in your garage and organizing the rest so that it fits well into your new space.  A mobile storage container lets you do this work at your own pace, when it’s convenient to you.  Just stuffing everything back in and then doing the organizing and cleaning later kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? A first-class garage remodel can add substantial value to your home and is a major investment.  For a very small additional spend, you can use a mobile storage container to make the project go smoothly and give you the results that will have you happy and your friends asking how you did it.

Portable Storage Uses – Home Staging

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Help Stage Your Home to Sell with Portable Storage

There are more uses for a portable storage container than many people realize. People think that a portable storage container is useful when moving, but they often do not consider its use in a number of other projects. Because it adds space on a temporary basis, it can be used for a number of different kinds of projects. Let’s consider its use in the decluttering aspect of home staging: getting your house ready to sell in a competitive real estate market.

Use a portable storage container to Help Sell Your Home More Quickly

Most people, when they have lived in their home for more than a year or two, have collected a lot of stuff, some of it useful, some of it attractive when presenting the home for sale, and some of it just clutter. In any case, when you add it all up, it’s clutter! A portable storage container can help to get that clutter organized or simply out of sight. Usually some of both is needed.

Dejunk with a Portable Storage Container

Let’s say you have a home with two parents and two children. If your home is anything like mine (I confess, we’ve got 4 kids), then you’ve got at least one who continually brings home junk. One of our sons could use his own portable storage container for just the junk that others were throwing away but he wanted to keep. Imagine marketing your home to the typical buyer off the street. He or she will come in and expect to see a home that looks like he could live happily there. If he comes in and sees a small bedroom piled wall-to-wall with your kid’s clutter, the first impression is that the bedrooms are too small. With a portable storage container you can pull that clutter out without the trauma of having your little collector have to go through his collection and throw half of it away. Moving is already stressful – you can put off the trauma of organizing until after the move!

Using a portable storage container to declutter your home before you try to sell it can make selling your home – a daunting task – much more manageable by letting you put off the stress of reorganizing. Plus, your new home may work better with another system of organizing than what was optimal for your old house. If you need to sell in a hurry, why add the big cleanout job to the job of selling your home? Use a portable storage container and do it on your own time when you are relaxed in your new home.