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If you were wondering whether the color of materials can make much difference in how the Texas sun feels, check this out! At our MI-BOX Dallas Mobile Storage dealership, we had an unusually cool and wet spring this year, but now we are back to days and days of 100F-ish temperatures, and our youngest son and I finally did an experiment that I’ve been meaning to do for years. We hung a white shirt and a black shirt for a few minutes on our fence facing the sun and then used a laser thermometer to measure the temperatures. At the time, the official temperature was 104F/40c. The white shirt measured 115F/46c. The black shirt was 130F/54c. I’m wearing white in the summer! Of course, our MI-BOX mobile storage containers have highly-reflective aluminum roofs and white walls to protect your belongings from the summer sun! ‪#‎mobilestorage‬ ‪#‎portablestorage‬ ‪#‎mibox‬ mibox-moving-storage-white-reflects-the-heat