Packing and Storage Tips – Supplies

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The general rule for supplies is that it takes more than you expect. The cost of a box is far less than the cost of what is stored inside that box. Having enough boxes will make your packing job much easier, and professional moving boxes are designed to pack efficiently with each other in any of their standard sizes that MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage sells. We suggest keeping about ten boxes set aside for the last few things you come across as you finish, then you aren’t jamming odd items into your load because you ran out of good storage. This kind of “stuff-in” packing at the end often results in shifting and breakage. Head that off at the pass by having plenty of boxes. Also keep plenty of tape on hand. MI-BOX can provide moving-industry packing tape and dispensers to seal your boxes like a pro. Packing paper and bubble wrap are also great. Many people use their blankets and towels for this purpose, but often bubble-wrap is the best choice, especially when you run out of grandma’s quilts. Like food at a dinner party, the key is to not run out at an inopportune time.