Packing and Storage Tips – Loading Your Container

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Loading your goods into a container is done best by placing larger, heavier items that you can stack on top of up at the bottom level. You can then load lighter and more delicate items on top of them.  Be sure your container is not too unbalanced by putting heavier items near the middle or spread between front and back of the container.  You don’t want your library of very heavy books stored on one end and nothing but mattresses and pillows on the other end.  If we try to pick up the container, and it’s too unbalanced, it will tip in such a way that it must be unloaded and reloaded so that it can be picked up level.  That only happens very rarely, and just a bit of thought can avoid it easily. If your container is not full, be sure to spread the load out from the back to the front of the container.  Empty space should be on top, not toward the door.  For example, you don’t want the container packed to the ceiling half-way from the back and then have the front half empty.  That will create two issues: (1) an unbalanced container, and (2) nothing to support the front end of your load.  Remember that the stability of the load comes from having your container filled so that things can’t work their way down to the floor. Using standard size moving boxes makes loading and unloading much easier and faster. It’s a small investment that often pays large rewards in terms of protection of your goods and speed of your move. Plus, they are sized to pack efficiently with each-other. MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage can provide these for you if needed. If there are items you will need to access, set them aside and load them last so that they are by the door when you open it. Remember to keep notes on what you put in each container and any items you packed by the door for easier access. Finally, place a list of what you have stored in each container at a reasonable level of detail and keep copies for yourself. You may even want to take some pictures or a video as you load. Imagine going through after a tornado and trying to remember everything you had in your home when talking to your insurance agent. A quick video can save a world of trouble and be worth a pot of gold with your insurance company. If you need help loading or unloading your portable storage containers, just ask MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage. We do not do this ourselves, but we can give you a list of preferred loaders and unloaders with a good track-record, though they are not affiliated with MI-BOX.