Estimating Your Storage Needs

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It’s not hard to get a pretty accurate view of your storage needs if you think about packing in terms of space you already have. Just follow the simple steps below.
  1. Make a mental list of what is in your home that you want to move. Be sure that you don’t skip areas like the garage, attic, storage shed, patio, or other outdoor living spaces.
  2. Ask what you will give away, sell, or otherwise get rid of and won’t have to move. Take that part out. You won’t regret giving things to a worthy charity or friend, so be generous – it’s liberating.
  3. A 16ft MI-BOX mobile storage container is 8 ft tall and 7 ft 2 in wide. That’s about the size of a typical bedroom (e.g., 10×12 ft). Now imagine filling that bedroom with your furnishings and boxes, stacked to the ceiling. You can probably pack 3-4 normal sized rooms into that space, packing it well and filling all the empty spots with small items.  Keep filling these “bedrooms” until you are out of stuff to pack! The number of bedrooms is the number of MI-BOX containers you will need.
  4. In terms of square footage, we often see 800-1,200 square feet of a house fill a container.  Think closer to 1,200 if your house is one that is not very full with furnishings.  If your house is well lived in and your friends say, “you are really packed in here,” then you are more likely to be closer to the 800 square feet per container.
In general, most 4-bedroom homes can be moved easily in a single 53 ft enclosed trailer, which is a bit bigger than three 16 ft MI-BOX portable storage containers. Call us, and we’ll work through it with you. With MI-BOX you have the flexibility you need: You can get less or get more storage as you figure out what you will need. Our local owners and employees are happy to help you make your move as easy as possible!